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Status on 19 April 2020

Guys and Girls. Just before this Wuhan, Chinese, Covid-19, Corona shyte put all us behind bars, everything has come to a standstill. The Task Team will review normal duites once the gates open. We will introduce the new clubs here and then everyone can see who they are, why they want to start a new club and peeps can log objections or give go-aheads. The ultimate decisions lies with all the Presidents of the local West Coast clubs, but if you can bring mitigating circumstances or reasons to this forum for your decision it makes it just a wee bit easier to make an educated decision. 

Decisions reached at the President's meetings is basically 100%, but once the decision has been made it still goes to the WMA for deliberation. 

So, contact the TT once abovementioned shyte has cleared up and we are all free to travel and pillage some villages. Please be patient in the meantime. 

One thing is for sure. The lockdown period does not count in favor of your time to attain the status you have applied for. 

Good idea. Ouens wat nie van meetings hou nie kan dan ook hulle ding sê.